33. Music Therapy

Have you ever turned to a song to help you deal with your emotions? Do you have a song that you blast when you are angry? Or one that you sing softly while weeping about a breakup? Yes, to the angry one, no to the breakup one. Duh, we’ve never been dumped (this is a lie).

Anyway, we have more questions: Do you know what a Musician does? Do you know what a Therapist does? Do you know what happens when they mush these two terms together? MUSIC THERAPY! Join us this week as we dispel some myths and teach you things about the magic of music.

Content warning: Marta sings Sinead O’Connor https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0-EF60neguk

We Talk About:

  • Music and how it affects our emotions
  • Babies and music
  • Musicians
  • Music Therapy
  • Are you sensing a theme here? It’s all about music.


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