Have you been in Love? Have you been in a long, monogamous relationship? Then this episode is for you. Whether you’re into marriage, or want to be a single pringle for your whole life, we think there's something to learn here, and also…. We try really hard to make hashtags happen in this episode so bear with us. #Mindtrails #freudvoid #solvethesolveable.

Today we cover:

We also ask and learn:

  • Do we really need self actualization to be able to fall in love?
  • Is passionate love the same as compassionate?
  • Sometimes the best thing in your relationship, is a cleaning lady
  • What does Fight/Flight have to do with love?
  • Can you increase your capacity to love?

We watched, read, listened to:


In this episode, we made some leaps to try to make puns, if you’re still reading this description, you might be the kind of person who likes to write as well (that’s another leap…). Would you like to write to us and tell us how it went?


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